Stuck in bronze 1

Was bronze 3 last season ended up b5 this season after placements, okay. Climbed to bronze 1 pretty easily after taking time to learn the game and improve, never flamed teammates and kept it cool. Once I got to B1 with silver 4 mmr, the winning streaks stopped. I have been up and down from 0 to 78 lp. It seems in bronze 1 i can rarely win 2 games in a row i usually hit a losing streak until i am demoted to b2, in which i have climbed back to b1 literally 8 times now. Many times I linger around b1 0lp hoping im not demoted again after a loss. I have noticed many games im playing against silver, even high silver at that while my teammates are b1-4. I fail to see how this is fair. After falling numerous times to b2 but always clinging back, what tips can i get to do better in b1? Its to the point that my frustration has weakened my performance some games after carrying early and mid game but unable to 1v 5, ignoring my teammates. I understand i cant expect anything from them . I limit engaging fights that arent favorable i win lane, help other lanes take their turrets. I usually get S ratings when im losing more so than when winning. It just seems like i do well i lose, i do poorly i lose. My win rate had been 57% and has fallen to 52% as of recently. I had about 22 more wins but it's hovers around 15 now. Why am I having no issues grinding in b2 but just can't leave b1? Considering taking a break.
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