The crit changes benefit ADCs and made things miserable for everybody else.

Back in the days when you had to purchase two items and an {{item:3031}} in order to hit your 'late game powerspike', it actually made sense because most marksmen are supposed to be late game carries. However as someone who plays top/mid I hate the fact that ADCs hardly need to wait till late game in order to be able to start carrying teamfights. This makes it very difficult for me as a solo laner to keep up with should my bottom lane lose turret and give away a couple of kills because now by 14 minutes we'd already have an ADC doing enough DPS at two items to match most top/midlaners. Albeit a bit squishier. There's no such thing as a 'late game carry' marksman anymore. The window of a weak early game which they had just doesn't exist and I 100% blame the crit rework for it. The items were fine but since Riot loves catering to ADC mains, here we have a meta where the winning bot lane takes over the game the moment the turret goes down. Where is the defined powerspike these days? Where are the windows of opportunity when marksmen weren't reliably dropping nukes before midgame? Why the fuck does the winning adc now do as much damage as any solo laner by 20 mins and still infinitely scale till the end of the game?
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