Yasuo is amazing , change my mid...

OK BEFORE ALL THE ANGRY ADC'S, SUPPORTS, AND MAGES COME RAGING AT ME LEMME EXPLAIN. High skill cap , and as much as you want to complain about Yasuo just dashing and slamming q , he is hard to play. Why do you think the Yasuo on your team is bad and the enemy champ is legendary? Because the other one has put time and dedication into him and is having a good game. The out play potential , if ahead Yasuo can do incredible things , montage worthy , dodging skill shots , windwalling dmg for a team mate , or that SAUCY {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} 5 man nado into ult. Hes a champ that if you know down to the core , you can just style , be flashy and wreck. But before everyone comes and says 'this is just another Yasuo shit post , and doesnt understand the frustration of dealing with that stupid champ' This is my first season , I actually did start hating Yasuo , calling him a braindead POS. And was my perma-ban for like a solid month. What changed? I tried him out. And managed to fall in love with the champion , and i saw why this champ isnt some braindead fuck , just dashing and killing me. I saw what he was capable of , and his weaknesses. Most people who hate him , have never played him and just complain about him. I FED MY ASS OFF , the first 10-20 games i played with him , trying to go in and dash around while trying to stack my Q , and just ended up getting flamed and tilted. But i learned him , and it was a great experience , i still remember my first solo kill vs a galio , dashed out of his taunt , windwalled his Q, and knocked him out of his dash, ulted him and proceeded to finish the all in. I felt like faker that moment , just straight up outplaying that Galio. And it was a high that i havent felt on a champion before.... I went from a simple champ {{champion:86}} , to one of the hardest most intricate champs in the game, and it was a blast. The champ just shows you a lot of the game , from the complexity of it , to the hate a champ gets just for being played. I never realized the amount of salt and rage that comes from flashing the m7 on Yasuo. I want to admit , i dont like getting people angry , its a game to have fun in, and im having a blasting trying my best while this angsty sword man yells out 'HASAGI' , and people just get ANGRY at this champ and the person for playing him. But sometimes when there is that Draven main , or toxic supp , shit talking our bot lane for getting stomped , and even though our bot lane got ganks , theyre still losing, and i managed to go bot and just shred them out of their ego , feelsgoodman like {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} really good man. If you hate Yasuo , i encourage you to play him and be in the shoes of the yasuo player , and see his weaknesses and strengths , and see why he is played , and why not every yasuo player isnt just some challenger , braindead , broken champ abuser... I get that his player base is toxic , cocky and somewhat annoying... But let me explain why (FYI IM NOT JUSTIFYING IT , IM JUST EXPLAINING WHY, DONT GET IT TWISTED) , its because this champ isnt a point and click champ thats easy... Its a champ with a simple kit , but hard to master. its a champ where you cant just focus on using your abilities , but how you use them and how you can kill the person youre laning against. Its because the yasuo player has to try harder than other champs to do good , he feels like because hes doing good on this hard champ , that hes succeeding on this complicated champ , you on your team , have no excuse to do bad on a champ that isnt as hard as his. At least thats why i think , might not be completely accurate. But putting all that aside , i think this champ was a great addition to the game , hes a meme too at this point lmao. Hes a champ that when you see good player on him , you kind of respect a little bit (if hes not talking shit in all chat or to your team) , when you see a good yasuo , dashing around like hes dancing around them , when hes hitting the enemy champs on the tip of his Q so he doesnt get hit or in range of cc , when he does an E-Q-Flash combo , and catches the enemy off guard and gets that multiple man knock up and see him win the team fight , its a wow moment. And when YOU do that ,you just feel great. Idk man , Sometimes i just get a good high off playing yasuo and doing good. This has been my Yasuo ted talk.
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