What happened to league?

Your local average player here. I've been with this grave since mid season 2. I don't believe I deserve better than silver so that's not what this is about. Through the years we've had ups and downs but iI to NEVER seen things this bad. We've got jungle as the butt of the joke, high elo smurfs playing low elo ranked games, and much much more. I remember a time when riot games fixed their mistakes. Seems those days are behind us. I think it's wrong that's a community we tolerate being fodder for the pros. Just because we don't bring in as much money as they do doesn't mean it's ok to completely ignore the issues we reflect folks face. Something needs to change with ranked que and being allowed to use smurf accounts otherwise this games life is over. I have fond memories of this game and its really sad to see it in this state.
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