If Riot wants competitive play to be competitive they need to stop patching the game so often.

Instead of ''small patches'', they should do a definite number ( 2 to 4 ? ) patches per year, both competitive play ( solo q, premades ... ) and pro play. It's retarded that a team can go to second best team in the world to 4th in NA ( CLG ) due to Riot having huge content change in their patches every 1-2 months. Adaptability is a ''skill'', but having everything change every 1-2 months just strain the players and burn them out faster. If Riot want their game to be a long lasting competitive one, they need to change their way of doing things. While we're at it, bring in sponsors, have the challenger series be 10 teams ( like LCS ) and have as much coverage as LCS ... & give more incentive to play premade : exclusive end of season rewards other than wards, premade in the middle of the profile & solo q on the side, solo q rank hidden by premade when hovering names ( if no premade rank, solo q rank is not shown except when clicking on profile ... ) ...

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