I Think I Finally Understand What it takes to Climb

And I honestly don't think it's worth it. You have to treat the game like it's you plus 4 bots versus 5 opponents you have to treat like real people. The bots you have on your side perform worse if you type anything in chat. The bots on your side may or may not respond to pings; it's as though your allies have a built in RNG to decide that. You cannot control what the bots on your side do, but you can try to influence their behavior by performing well yourself. The allies you have in every match are hardly more capable than a super minion and they are all super aggressive and want kills above all else even at the cost of winning. So, in order to climb. You have to perform well in your role and when you've accomplished at least that much, proceed to do the work of each of your other allies. Because they are wholly unreliable.
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