Something needs to be done about Bork/Rageblade Vayne

So I am not here to bitch about how absurd it is. But im also here to bitch about how absurd it is. I enjoy playing vayne alot, and I think its hilarious to just shred through people as fast as you can. But the severity of how strong it is, is too much. Even after she is killed early, and is struggling in lane, it really dosent matter. Once she completes them it becomes quite hard to even deal with it. With the addition of PD and Scimitar, you might as well give it up. Had multiple games where Ive camped a Vayne to make sure she is behind and just because of that item combination, she scales into oblivion. Its not enjoyable to play against at all. Even with a considerable ammount of cc its still very difficult because she can go invis and just shred your team before you have a chance to react. I understand Vayne is a high scaling champion. But when she can massacre a late game tank with no problem and kill your fed carry after going 0-4 in lane. You have a problem.
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