"Game is unbalanced"

I genuinely want people to explain to me how the game is unbalanced compared to a time/season where it was. What lane is "useless" right now exactly? Are you telling me a top lane Sion/Cho Gath isn't a monster? A top lane Darius/Fiora/Jax who crushes lane? A top lane GP/Vladimir who comes online and can't carry? A mid lane Zed/Talon/Kass can't assassinate? A mid lane mage like Cass/Orianna/Vlad/Fizz can't carry the game? Mid lane melee champions like Ekko/Yasuo aren't viable? Carry Junglers can't crush/snowball the game (Kha Zix)? Tank junglers aren't viable (Sejuani/Zac)? Literally every form of every role is viable right now in the meta. Sure there are some overtuned champions (Swain/Kai'Sa), which is the case for every online game at every stage of its life. So why the fuck is this joke of a board still bitching about balance when to me, it looks as balanced as it's ever been? People are saying stupid shit like "It's the worst season to date". Explain those garbage statements to me, because to me, what this looks like is a bunch of salty hardstuck players who need to find a new scapegoat to blame their lack of skill on every few weeks and they do it through garbage revisionism like pretending the game ever had a "perfect state".
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