Why can people still Troll in Champ select and not get punished for it...

Got into lobby. First player picks Bard. 4th player says "fine, I can troll too". Instalocks Poppy with Clairvoyance and Clense. He is supposed to be our jungle. So I end up having to dodge. So now I lose 3 LP and can't play for 5 minutes. While he gets to go to another game scotch free. 5 years Riot...5 fucking years and you still can't do shit. "Oh but it'll be abused!" Fuck that excuse. I get abused for having to put up with it. You being terrified of a POSSIBILITY is ridiculous. You choose to side with the troll over siding with the innocent player. And you wonder why people are toxic...starts from the top Riot (psst, that's you).
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