Played 6 games today

First game, team goes 4/15, I go 3/1, only 20 minutes into the game, we lose. Next game, enemy team goes 14/38, only 24 minute game, we win. After that, a close game 55/60, 44 minute game. Which was actually fun to play. Next game, enemy team goes 20/31 in a 24 minute game, we win. Next game, my team goes 15/27, I go 4/2 in a 24 minute game, we lose. Finally last game, my team goes 6/34, I go 2/1 in a 19 minute game, we lose. Notice something similar in all these games? Only one of these games felt like I had any impact at all and it was the 44 minute game which Riot despises to have because theyre too long. All the other games, I have no impact, I have no way of turning the game around. Stop with this fiesta meta already Riot. This isnt even fun anymore when every game is practically the same where 1 team is 1/8 in the first 5 minutes of the game. Its completely stupid, nerf damage, all of it. 0 reason people should be starting the game with 500 gold worth of base ad/ap compared to season 7 and previous. Back then the highest AD I could get on Jayce possible was 72 Level 1 with Long Sword. Today I can get 86 starting ad level 1, how hard is it to see the problem? Edit: How did this go from +16 to -2 within 5 minutes lol?
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