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Hey everyone, **_Disclaimer: Quick thing to say, this is all my opinion to improve the quality of Shen in scaling quality, I don't the best for him, therefor i wanna reduce the toxicity about it, i just wanna see more play-ability in him without changing him greatly. For those who want the short version of this please scroll down to the bottom labled "Recap", from there, if there any questions or if you don't like it, please read above THEN comment below afterwards. Now without a further ado, I would love to keep going._ ** Everyone knows that Shen is good at what he does, but in a meta that is, many champion just suit them self better in the current meta. Which is why i wanna bring it up something for a certain amount of time i been playing since he was release from his rework, that being Shen. After reviewing the champion spotlight and the stats he been set up with, i feel that he can be underwhelming to use or fight against, he maybe strong, but he doesn't do his job effectively anymore, this is due to how the meta shift and the number of nerfs he gained over the time he been out. these nerfs that been put down, yes there has been buffs before hand, but i feel they're lacking something. lets go over a few small changes i wanna see happen. In short, Shen is good at what he does, but other champion just plainly stand out better then Shen in value. Goal is to make him stronger at his role while making him still balance if possible. **His based stats** don't get me wrong, increasing his based stats isn't something that should be messed around with a lot, however with the small buffs/nerfs to champions based stats tends to help them and make them more simpler to move around with. His based attack speed should either increase or decreased to make things less complicated, it bothers me that the developers wanted to have something like this floating around (0.651), so it should look more like this (0.66 or 0.65) that way it will be simpler to read and make it less complicated to work in game, since we are looking to see him improve, this shouldn't affect him that much, wont really harm the win-rate nor play rate really here. this should also be apply to his Magic Resist too, since it is located at a weird spot, i wanna see it change to be both a buff and a simpler viewpoint to look at (less complicated the better) so if you wanna make Shen a tiny bit stronger against Shen then the change should be (from 32.1 MR with 1.25/lv=53.4MR to **32 MR with 1.5/lv =59MR**) change won't be that big and it wont affect him that greatly. Shen Based HP Regen can be looked over, but I also do know that it can affects his sustain, this i don't want to mess with it since I don't know how badly/good this will affect him. **Shen's Passive: "Ki Barrier"** I wanted to talk about his passive for some time, it is not as good as i hoped it would be, and i really wanna see some changes to it, let us look at the math behind this without adding Runes nor Keystones (because of capping it to show it viewpoint). from a regular recommended build Shen can get up to at least _2550 bonus hp_ making his total hp at level 18 being at 4535 total hp, even though this is good for a tank to have, not including the runes/keystones, it not that good on Shen, since he will only get his 101 based shield with that 357 hp shield from his bonus hp scaling. To changed this, i decided to look over other champions that are similar to him in gaining a shield, Rakan and Yuumi are both supports, so looking at them would be useless, so instead i took a look at poppy, their designs are similar, pin down one opponent whiling having a team-based ultimate with the rest being about increase defense and dealing max hp damage, while they do build differently and they have whole different abilities, they still engage in a similar fashion engage with E and use Q while having W to reduce/nullified damage. From poppy, she gains shield based off her max hp, which is something that can be changed on Shen, no I'm not saying to give shield a way to gain a 20% Max hp shield, instead i wanna see a static of at least 10% max hp late game, since this will help him slightly and make things less complicated about how he scales with his shield. small buff like that would help him, going from having 458 total shield to 554, which is a nice QoL buff. while I'm at it, since the shield has increase, the duration of the shield should be increase to, which should be 3 seconds. there will be other changes below because in the end, i wanna keep the Upkeep of shield relatively the same **Shen's Q: Twilight Assault** There nothing i would really changed about this besides giving more power to the players who wanna play him more, allowing more off meta power while giving a small overall buffs to Shen. giving Shen based damage from his Q some AD scaling will be fun to see **Shen's W: Spirit's Refuge** It would be cool if it stops on-hit attack too, stuff like Kayle's on hit wave damage and Jax's passive and leap, and stopping items like rageblade from procing while in the zone, see the duration of the zone increase would be nice to see too **Shens E: Shadow Dash** There nothing to change here, maybe increase the distance, but since E flash is a thing, i rather not change anything about this really **Shen's R: Stand United** I wanted to see the based shield value reduce while changing the cap and such, it is hard to explain, but when you see the changes below, it will make sense. I want to allow Shen's passive to proc with ultimate, in return nerfing the based damage will make perfect sense, i also want to nerf to his AP ratio since the numbers late game are kinda weird anyways. like i said, it will make sense when you look at it. **_Recap_** Shen: **Stat* Changed from 32.1 MR with 1.25/lv=53.4MR to 32 MR with 1.5/lv =59MR buffed from 0.651 AS to 0.66 AS **P - Ki Barrier:** _Changed_ Shield value from 50-101 (based on levels) +14% bonus hp to 50 - 101 + 5%-10% Max HP (based on levels 1,5,11) Static cooldown increase from 10 to 14 cooldown reduced affected by Shen's abilities is reduced from 4 − 7.5 (based on level) seconds to 3 - 5 (based on level 1, 12, 16) Shield duration increase from 2.5 to 3 seconds _New_: Shen's basic attacks towards enemy champion, large monster, or Epic Monster reduces the cooldown of Ki Barrier by 0.5 seconds, this is doubled when Shen's Empowered version of Twilight Assault is active **Q - Twilight Assault:** _Changed_ On-hit buff from 10 − 40 (based on level) to 15/20/25/30/35(+30 bonus AD{45% if it's empowered}) **W - Spirit's Refuge** Duration has increased from 1.75 second to 2 second _New_ Can now block stacking and on hit damage, this include Kayle wave clear damage ** R - Stand United** Shield value reduce from 175/350/525 to 150/300/450 Shield Value cap has been changed from 60% missing hp to 40% missing Hp Shield value has been increase by 1% per 1% of missing hp to 1.5% per 1% hp missing _New_ When Shen's Ki Barrier isn't on static cooldown, you apply the Shield value to your targeted ally Hope you all like my idea ^^

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