Champion designers must be restrained a bit.

Every new champion since s6 is extremely toxic to be played against and has an overloaded kit that does way too much stuff having a dash a 3 hit passive long cc abilities or executing spells. And in result they are a nightmare for the balance of the game. They are either getting gutted few months after release and they become semi unplayable or staying broken and with above 50% banrate. The game more than anything needs simplicity and champions that have clear pros and cons and are not taking the best stuff from existing champion kits to mash em in the new champion just because they are going to be fun & crazy to be played with new interesting mechanics.For example just the Kled's passive tooltip can fill info for 2-3 champions lol. Broken champions are not fun to anyone. The mains of those champions face high banratios and the rest are just feeling violated after playing against the next fancy overloaded champion.
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