Idea for an item that could reinvigorate crit adcs without giving them direct power

I'm certain that people will be quick to tell me that this is an incredibly stupid idea, or that it is too busted or whatever. If the numbers are off they could be tuned, but give some honest feedback instead of just flaming. I had an idea for a new boots that are made specifically for crit adcs. I don't have a name but they would give: 10 - 20% crit chance --a UNIQUE passive (Ranged only - go away yasuo) that gives 10% movement speed per auto attack (possibly only on enemy champions) for 4 seconds that stacks up to 40% total bonus movement speed The goal around this item would be to emphasize skill expression, and out-play ability on adcs. An adc can get nuked easily by various divers and skill shots, but these boots would allow them to survive by dodging abilities and kiting in a way that they weren't able to before, given that they stayed in combat. It would allow adcs to play around the enemy midlaner and jungler, and require the enemy tank to need another diver to kill the adc. The effects of this item on games should go something like this: --Since it can be built early it would make adcs viable earlier --It would allow adcs to farm a sidelane safely versus tanks, and take away a tanks splitpushing power --It would give adcs more options in teamfights, and better skill-expression --Allow adcs to kite tanks better, and force tanks to be a setup force for assassins or divers, instead of 1v3ing the backline. --It would not take away from the requirement of peel from a support, since Maokai flash-Ws and Zed would still be a thing, but would still give adcs more agency --It does not directly increase damage from an adc, or make them tankier, but instead give them the utility to survive, given good reflexes. --It would allow adcs to dip in and out of fights and deal consistent damage in they way that they should be, without giving them out of combat power or better macro power

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