The Nunu Support player was NOT BANED because he played Nunu Support...

**EDIT: So many people here commenting who never ever watche one video of this guy playing. Notice that NOONE who actually watched this guys gameplay footage is still on his side? I wonder why...** He was freaking baned because HE QUEUED AS SUPPORT, and then basically told the ADC to deal with it! Watch this guys streams, often times he doesnt even go bot until like 5-8 minutes into the game, he permanently leaves lane, he screws the jungler gank pattern by ganking the lanes constantly, therefore taking income from the jungler... I dont give a shit about his winrate, play enough games and you can have a positive winrate even while pissing of your whole team. So for all of you who still dont get it: This guy got a ban because he FORCED HIS SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE PLAYSTYLE ON THE TEAM. His TEAMMATES reported him for it, because the ADC was 2v1 and he didnt care, the jungler couldnt gank and he didnt care, because he literally didnt care for anyone else but himself!
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