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I just received 14 days suspension w/o any prior chat restrict (calm down, calm down, let me finish! :D). The first thing that surprised me was that the "punishable" games happened a few days ago. Funnily, before I went to sleep I received another checkpoint in Honor 4. After I woke up and launched the game, the suspension occurred. But what amused me more was the content of the logs of those "punishable" games. The thing is, the system can not see who were you flaming. When I and my friends play together, we flame each other A LOT, pretending we don't know each other. Usually, we do that on teamspeak, but sometimes one, or more of us can not call... so... we just type the stuff in chat... To get a picture, this is one of my premades texting me after not waiting 30 minutes to duo with him: Obviously, when the game ended and we went to play together, I texted him similar stuff... I mean, when I saw the game logs I could really see why was I suspended. On the other hand, I feel like it would be great to have an in-game premade chat, where we could type this stuff without others seeing it (and the system detecting it) because we really don't play seriously and these messages are a big part of it.
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