Hard to swallow fact: Support-Assassin can be done and be done healthily

Just before I start I want to say that I am a Pyke main. Surprisingly, a lot of people will downvote me for that alone. But I want to say that I'm on **your** side if you disagree with Pyke's current state. Please just don't throw any hate because of the champion I play, and if you're actually concerned about the health of the game, read on. Thank you. ________________________________________________ Pretty much ever since Pyke's conception people have doubted that Support-Assassin was a good thing for League. Unfortunately, his release wasn't handled well and his kit has a ton of flaws that are currently being abused. Most namely, Pyke's biggest issues are: * Being able to build full on tank and his **kill power not suffering as a result** * Nearly impossible / way too hard to kill despite being designed as a squishy assassin I believe his main abilities (Q-W-E) are in the right place — they can all be dodged or countered easily and offer great tools to his team. The problem lies in his ultimate and passive, as they're directly linked to the problems stated above. ____________________________________________________ To make Pyke a healthier champion, two things need to happen. 1. **His passive needs a short delay before activation, and to scale solely with AD.** This means if Pyke builds AD, he's properly rewarded and can eventually jump back into the fight if damaged. This also reduces the effectiveness of tank builds because much less damage is being regenerated, forcing him to recall or lose the fight. 2. **His ultimate needs unique interactions with AD.** Building tank still gives Pyke the ability to instakill without fail. Sure, you lose out on 30-80 hitpoints of your ult threshold, but that's negligible when we're talking about instantly executing people. I'd propose something like "Upon reaching X amount of AD, Pyke's ultimate will execute enemy champions below the the threshold." Sure, Pyke would suffer until reaching that point, but it removes the abusive nature of tank builds. It would also mean tank builds are still possible as you _can_ still kill with his ult, but it wouldn't penetrate through shields and last hitting to share gold would be much harder until you reach the AD point. ______________________________________________ I'm also aware of the PBE changes (making most of his abilities scale with Lethality), but I truly don't like them or believe they will fix much. Currently, Pyke has the ability to buy any damage item in the game and use it efficiently. Unfortunately, these PBE changes will make him into another generic assassin one like {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}}. Every game would become: {{champion:555}}-{{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3069}} etc. I'd love to get a moderator's/Rioter's opinion on this but I'm not sure it'll happen. I just want to see Pyke pushed into a healthier, better designed spot.
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