How possible is it to grind for 2200 tokens starting now?

I'm currently at 1344 tokens and I haven't been able to play recently due to school, but I really want to get the tokens so I can get prestige Neeko next patch. I don't have the pass yet as I was unaware you got daily bonus tokens from it, but I planned to get it tomorrow with the left over RP I have. Thing is, if I'm doing the math correctly, I have to play 52 games (assuming I win them all) in order to get the points needed. That's basically 30 games each day because I'm not going to win the next 52 games. It would've been 30 in total games but I stupidly exchanged my 270 quest tokens for essence. I'm basically hoping for someone to say my math is wrong and it'll take less. I can barely bring myself to play 10 games a day, I'll go crazy trying to play 30. If it's mentally not possible, when is the next event if it's been revealed? I'll either buy base SG Neeko or if the next event isn't far off I'll simply wait until then.
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