"we're buffing yasuo because he has a large playerbase"

You know this is they type of attitude that unbalances your game and keeps trash tier champions trash. Maybe if you cared about all champions more equally then we wouldn't have this balance fiasco. Edit: With an official rioter response I thought I would compile some data from Champion.gg to compare and contrast with what was said by this Rioter. Specifically in response to this. >"No we are not buffing Yasuo because he's popular/has a large player base. We are buffing him because he has the highest average games played per player out of EVERY champion in League, and even with the largest number of players who HAVE mastered him, he's struggling to win the "promised" number of games based on what you would expect from a mastery curve" So I complied a few champions curves and compared them to yasuo. Yasuo Mid and top https://imgur.com/h7N4UoX Gagas all roles https://imgur.com/R22b7hC Corki Mid/ADC https://imgur.com/FYNhunJ Chogath Top/Jungle https://imgur.com/lpWCBMS A-Sol Mid https://imgur.com/nWdS30t So maybe I'm confused why we don't have A-Sol Nerfs, why we have Yasuo Buffs why champs like gragas and corki and cho aren't getting buffs (lol cho buffs). Maybe it would help if you gave us some EXTRA data. Things like champion.gg Still show us things like this. Where yasuo still has an extremely high winrate for his mains, despite his current overall winrate. https://imgur.com/7rkZqzo Everything came from champion.gg Maybe you could give us what the winrate of players that master a champion should have? Without data to back up your reasoning when Riot says things like this it will always sound like you are just looking for any excuse to buff a champion. Is this data from champion.gg even correct? You could also answer things like: Has every-most players that have mastered yasuo fallen below the "promised threshold"? What is the "promised threshold" for mastering a champion? Why don't we use he same argument to buff champs like volibear? Without this type of data its pretty easy to misconstrue anything that you say as being biased in any thread that you make. Which is exactly why you get so many threads exactly like this one. It honestly sounds like Riot is biased, because back in S1-3 when olaf, eve, and etc.. was this popular riot just nerfed them, and let them sit at low winrate for years. Which again is why it makes Riot sound biased with statements like the aforementioned. Edit 2: This isn't even about yasuo buffs, I don't think that it is inapropriate to buff a champion that is below 50% winrate. I however hate the fact that it sounds like Riot only does something because he has such a large playerbase. A lot of champions could gain a large player base if they had relatively self sufficient kits. Yasuo/Lee Sin and other popular champions have historically been very self sufficient so if played properly they appear to have very few weaknesses. Where other champions weaknesses are more pronounced. Edit 3: So before riot tries to bury this thread anymore about not buffing champions for popularity. I'd like to remind the community about a rabbit hole that Riot jumped down years ago... https://imgur.com/4jfzIfM "https://twitter.com/RiotMorello/status/484042166948212736" Please do keep turning up the volume, we have some people in the back that are hard of hearing, or just not ignorant to the fact that popular champions get touched up more frequently. Which could be easily seen by looking through patch notes, and compiling the raw number of changes each champion has received since their original release, or lack there of in the cases of champions that were over preforming and were not nerfed when they needed them. They owe us the data on why they are buffing champions and nerfing champions. Otherwise its just biased garbage. Without data there is no balance.
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