MMR reset and new runes at the same time was a mistake....

When you revamp an entire system such as runes and masteries, it's very hard to have fun learning new concepts and nuances when you are getting shit on by diamond/plat players. If you are a troll who feels the need to say "git gud" or "its a good learning experience" please finish your homework and let some adults have a conversation. I'm hardstuck silver 3, and will always be, no aspirations of becoming more, I just play and have fun and spend money on skins and chill. Releasing these runes at the same time as resetting the MMR is a dickhead move and someone needs to be ashamed of themselves. The damage is done and I'm not having any fun on a game I've spent over 400 dollars on because someone in a boardroom somewhere didn't think about the learning curve and wanted to rollout a crap-ton of rewards in our faces to make us feel better. Resetting the MMR accomplishes absolutely NOTHING in the scheme of things. It rewards high elo players with 30+ free smurf games while the rest of us (the majority) get shit on. It does not combat the "boosting" that happens and never will so please riot fucking stop. All the "FUN" of theorycrafting these new runes gets thrown out the fucking window when I don't get to try them. I try to be a good summoner and play even when tells me I'm laning against a plat player who's tryharding, but honestly its just unfun. I'm not playing ranked, I'm playing norms for a reason, to have fun and play against similarly skilled players.... In summary, I LOVE league of legends, and your new rune system looks like a lot of fun, but stop pitting nfl players against the little leaguers, cause its never fun afk farming your way "back" and never getting back.... Leave the mmr reset to ranked games only please. thank you.

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