Stop nerfing my champions and calling it a buff!

First Riot decides to call adjustments to Lux's shield a buff, it's easier to land on allies they say, and it stacks :) But it also moves as slow as molasses, and doesn't have as high a theoretical shield value without the refresh. BUFF or NERF, debatable Now they FLATTEN Leona's base damages and give a little bit back through some autos tied to her ult. So now Leona really is a one trick pony. BUT we didn't want her to be a one trick pony riot says so we upped a few range bonuses, gave her autos after an ult 15% ap scaling (wow thanks) and reduced the cooldown on q (because we thought diminished returns on CDR scaling are more important than base dmg). I'm sorry, I play Leo at a high level. I may have to stop playing her now because she's no longer viable and has no cost effective way to increase her damage anymore. Especially when her ult's on cooldown. I am straight up offended that they called this a Leo 'buff'. PS: I'm also a mathematician so don't tell me she somehow does more damage now, because that's absurd, even with the passive added to her ult. Maybe if sunlight proc'd as LEONA's spell effect the new passive on her ult would scale well with Liandry's torment... post 45 minutes... but it doesn't, it procs allies spell effects.
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