Over the years, we have less and less choices and freedom in the game.

I have been playing this game since season 3. A lot of champion reworks happened since then, and one pattern I noticed is that every reworked champion is forced into fullfilling one particular role, and is not allowed to do anything else. Example, old master yi could be played ad or ap both builds being fun post rework only the ad build is viable, same thing happened to many other reworked champions, like Sion, Poppy, Galio, Gangplank. Reworks effectively destroyed half of their kits. Now this rune change is coming. It's cool that there will be more keystones, but at the same time you are taking away our options to customize our champions. What about movement speed quints Hecarim? A full armor rune page for Malphite? A full lethality rune page assasin? Sure why not, becaus we, choose how we want to play our champions. Part of the games fun was how every single game could be played in so many different ways, from builds, to runes and masteries. to champions, to summoners using them. If the game is about choices, why are we loosing them over the years?
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