For Supports, Rank is a Joke ...

Got to Platinum 5 last season as a Support ... was a struggle, but I managed with the help of some friends and mostly playing champions around my comp's weaknesses. However when Solo Que came out (finally), I decided it would definitely be worth trying to prove myself. Won 8 games, lost 2 in placements but landed in Gold IV. I thought to myself, "WOOH! I'm already in Gold! Now it's time to climb-" Nope. It's only been a week or so, and I got demoted to Gold V and counting. If you look at my match history, my scores are actually pretty good (with a few games of me being bad but i'll get to those later). So what exactly is the deal? Well, look at this: THIS. This is why people don't want to support- **how does this determine your worth in League when someone else played horribly?** I played really well, and did everything in my power but alas, because top fed- I was powerless to stop them from winning. While it's true that if someone feeds, no matter what your role is, your team will suffer. However, at least if I was a Mid laner I could go and kill the squishies or visit top to help my laner. If I was the Jungler, I could start ganking top or help my other lanes get fed. If I was Top or the ADC, I could push the lane and get ahead of my enemies. But as a Support? I can't abandon my ADC unless I want him to get jumped ... I can't go top because bot lane is a long distance and even if I was constantly coming top to aid my laner, I lack the damage to really do a number on the enemy Top. I'm starting to think of rank as a joke because i'll always have to rely on my teammates to climb, not on my skills. No matter how well I kite, or heal, or sustain / protect my team, I can't actually do what it takes to carry the game. People hate how little income supports get, the fact your success relies on how well your lanes do, and if you get kills- your team suffers because they need it more. I'm not happy, even though Riot has given Supports better items / keystones to work with. But the role itself remains an issue and Autofill only hurts people more when they're forced into it (i'm ranting and i'm a Support Main... imagine how those people feel). **Too long; didn't read**: Rank should feel like you earned the win. I feel that if you're a Support, you get punished regardless if you played well. You could always be there to save your ally, secure objectives, or do your absolute best but if your team is struggling, you can't really change that. Unless your team gets their act together, you are in it for the ride to fail. It doesn't reflect on my individual skills, but rather I have to pray my team is decent with no feeders in order for me to have a chance at climbing up the ladder. It make me consider being a Mid / Top / Jungle, least they can do something to hopefully turn things around. All well, I might Rank Flex with friends. Call me getting carried, but playing with strangers is putting a huge strain on my LP ... EDIT: Forgot to mention about my bad games. I admit, a very few of them I did badly myself in. We all have bad games, and I take responsibility for my bad plays. However i'd say 80% of the other games I lost, my score was because of how horrifically my team did and my sacrifices went in vain. But yes Supports can also be the reason why a team fails, just didn't include it to drive the point away from my message.
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