"A love-letter to supports" By: End Game Summary

Anyone else think a good addition to the end game summary would be a "seconds cc'd" section? Where it measures how long a champion was cc'd total during the game and how many seconds of cc a champion dealt to enemy champions? Many tanks and supports contribute to the game with their heavy cc and other utility. A tank can look at "damage taken" any normal ap or ad carry can check out the "damage dealt" section. i know there is already a "healing done" section of the end game summary but what about {{champion:412}} or {{champion:432}} ? Where their main addition to the team is how much cc and peel they can lay down to allow the carry to do their job? cc has a champion point of origin and usually a champion target (or multiple) so it would be helpful for support morale to be able to see concretely that they contribute to the team in a way besides number of wards placed. I understand certain utility still being ignored such as that incredible lantern or kalista ult that completely saves someone however, those plays tend to be noticed on their own outside of concrete numbers as #LCSBigPlays and are un-needing of numbers to make you feel good about your play. Another possible addition would be a damage shielded section for all those {{champion:43}} and {{champion:25}} main's out there. RITO PLZ GIVE SUPPORTS SOME LOVE!
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