How to resist chugging a bottle of bleach when laning against GP?

There are few champions that counter me as a player. GP Is one of them. I despise anti fun champs, and GP is the biggest anti fun champion there is. All he does all laning phase is sit his ass on a barrel, half a lane back, only walking forward to q me or a minion once in a while. If you try to engage he runs the moment you set your first step, popping his barrel, slowing you in the process. Once he gets sheen he just q's you until you're too low to try to fight, or zones you with it. And if you manage to get on top of him, he just presses his "no not today" button and keeps running. I usually play melee bruisers/tanks top, and GP just makes the lane so boring. Playing the game should be fun. GP is anti fun. Tldr: All GP players are the biggest pussies I have ever seen and it triggers me.
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