Nidalee. Buff a little bit please.

{{champion:76}} Everyone knows that Nidalee is not very strong right now. She has to get first blood or a couple early kills to be useful at all. If she gets counter jungled by Yi, WW, Xin, Kha, Rengar, Camile, Graves, or even a Tryn at lvl 2 (at red buff or scuddle) she cannot fight them and gets far behind. Yes, I know that if she is buffed to much she is abused in higher elo. That is why she is not getting buffed. Like Azir, Ryze, Kalista, Syndra etc. Here is my proposal. In her champion description is says that she is very territorial. "She viciously defends her territory." Lets give her buff similar to Skarner's buff if he is near his crystals. If Nidalee takes a camp there would be a circle a little smaller than Skarner's where Nidalee would get a movement speed and an adaptive damage buff. These circles would be slightly bigger for bigger buffs like red, blue, baron, dragon, and would not include scuddle because there's already a move speed buff on it. This would help her counter jg and make it more scary for people to counter jg her, because she will be stronger in her own jg most of the time. Also maybe a slight buff on her heal on other allies. It really does not do much at all. Maybe buff up the ratio for allies to 25% more than it does now. Nidalee players should not feel like it is just a waste of mana to heal a teammate. What do you guys think?

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