Suddenly matched with 2 iron players.

Hello,so last game was on of the funniest/saddest game I’ve had since I don’t remember when.I am bronze 1 at the moment and my best role is support.I was matched with 2 iron players.This is not frequent at all for me.In fact,people I get matched with are usually silver or bronze ,I rarely have an iron 1 player in team who is doing good or bad,but is usually carriable.One of those 2 was my adc,wasn’t good but did not feed.The other iron teammate was our jungler,Jax.While having a score of 0/7 ,jax said “DON’T YOU NOOBS UNDERSTAND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU FEED????”.Nobody else had that many deaths.Meanwhile,our bronze 4 top laner flamed everyone else and called us irons (of course,because he is bronze,he would not call us bronzes).Our midlaner was kind,really teamworking despite he flame and everything they did.It was like being in a salty comedy for me.But why did I have 2 iron players in my team?This never happens...All bronze 4 except 2 iron players.My problem is that most of them don’t know how to play the game and instead of trying,they flame and spam pinging.Top laner Tryndamere : LULU I KNEW YOU WERE SHIT DO SOMETHING.He was after his ult,LOWEST hp,went 1v5 and wanted me to die with him...To be flamed double times.Fun game.Of course,we lost. Anyway sorry for telling you all this,I had to let it out here,I just don’t know why I was suddenly matched with 2 iron players..Is it because of the time? (3 am? Because not a lot of ppl play that time?) The match :
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