PLEASE STOP DOING THIS! Also read this tip I have for you so you can win more.

For God's sake stop trying to play a champion that's not in your top 10 champion pool in ranked. I pressure my teamates to play their top 3/4 champions which they have 60%+ winrates on. These are called MAINS for a reason, and that's cause you main the champion and are good at them, so don't try playing a different champ in ranked that you aren't good at. I see this at every elo but I don't care for elos below high gold as I can simply hard carry low elo games. Ever had this question before? "OMFG WHY IS IT EVERY GAME MY TEAMATES ARE ALWAYS FEEDING!!!!!" That's because you're not checking your teamates for autofills, troll picks, or weak champ picks. Do yourself a favor and copy and paste all the players that join your lobby when you start a game of ranked up, have open and available in champ select, highlight your champion and stall out the ban phase while you search up all your teamates on You'll get a list of all your teamates + their current winrates, winrates with each of their top 10 champions, and their win ratio from their last 10 solo que games along with the fact that they're on an X winstreak or X losing streak. If you want (near) garunteed wins dodge every match with players that aren't on a winning streak. If you want to have a good chance of winning dodge any games where your teamates have 3+ losing streaks Don't play with someone that's on a losing streak of 5+ games in a row AND NEVER, EEEEVERRR PLAY WITH SOMEONE WHO'S LOSING A LOT AND IS PLAYING SOMETHING THEY DON'T USUALLY PLAY. ^ ^ ^ l------------------------------- This right here shows that your teamate isn't a troll, but just a player that's stressed, angry, desperate for a win, and doesn't want to put the game down during his losing streak. Now if this player is playing their main check into them and see if they are losing back to back or if they took a break.
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