There’s something I don’t understand about the mana/minions changes

So, as far as I know, both those changes were intended to make midlane less of a “shove and roam” lane and instead push people towards trading or risky plays. Fair, I guess that a PvE environment for several minutes isn’t fun to play nor fun to watch in competitive; yet in SoloQ, in certain situations, those changes did the opposite thing. For instance, I was a Syndra against Ekko. That matchup is rough, but I thought I could just farm and deal with his team later in the game, once I got some items and stuff. Tried to trade with him at levels 1 and 2 and noticed that my mana after some spells was at a critical level. Okay, after all I should learn to manage mana after the changes. But Ekko just started with Corrupting potion and Q’d the wave over and over, pushing me under my turret from level 2. I had no mana for both trading and farming, so I had to do one of those things in order to be relevant and not fall behind. Well, since I already wasted some of my mana to harass him, I couldn’t effectively farm under turret and ended up losing almost half of the minions under my turret, until I finally got to buy Lost Chapter. I understand that it was my fault there and that I shouldn’t have traded at all, but those changes kinda ruined midlane against some matchups. It’s not just Ekko. Every manaless champion (even melee ones!) can just mindlessly shove mages under turret with 0 risks involved, since you can’t do both things (harass and farm) anymore after the mana changes. Shortly: these changes did nothing to make midlane more fun or interactive. Now I won’t even remotely think to harass hard-shoving champions and instead I’ll save my mana to farm under turret and eventually push when they’re back to base. The worst thing is that champions that were trash at early pushing are now getting punished even more, and champions that could permashove can still do it, and it’s just slightly harder than before.
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