Am I the only one who feel like "safe assassination" shouldn't be a thing?

I mean, the assassin playstyle is supposed to be high risk=high reward. They are supposed to jump in and assassinate their target but by doing so they also expose themselves to danger. Examples of high risk/reward assassin would be {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} Let me explain why: {{champion:55}} Has to use her Shunpo (E) to get into the fight and burst someone down. If she succeed, she will be rewarded with refreshed cooldowns, and by the same occasion an opportunity to assassinate another target or shunpo out to safety. Because she took risks and succeeded, she is rewarded {{champion:121}} Just like Katarina, Kha'zix has to use his mobility spell to get close to his target and he will get a reset if he succeeds. {{champion:91}} Talon's blink is purely offensive and he has now way out if he uses it to go on an enemy. The only way for him to succeed is to out trade or kill his opponent, or else he puts himself in danger. Those are some example of assassins I love playing against because they need to take some sort of risk/decision making to be victorious. And then there is {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} Those two can just burst you down and blink back to safety without you having time to react. {{champion:238}} Already has a great mobility skill, his W wich is a long range blink. And it's ok for an assassin to be mobile, it's something that defines them. But I don't understand why Zed should be able to blink to you, use his ult and then just blink back again because his ults has a recast?? This ability has: -A strong delayed burst damage -Immunity for 1 second -Empowers his abilities with shadows -Make him teleport to his target -Make him able to blink back at no cost. Isn't this a little too much? Why is Zed allowed to take no risk when he assassinate someone but for the 1 second it takes for him to use his Q+E+AA before he blinks back? What is the counterplay other than using Zhonya or being {{champion:127}} {{champion:105}} ? And even if he fails, he doesn't have any punishment! Yesterday I was playing {{champion:103}} and was laning against a Zed. He ults me, and being the Faker I am, I charm him as soon as he appears behind me, but right after the charm ends he E+Q and blinks back to safety. He died because of the 2 turret shots he took and my ignite, but so did I. While I was almost full health under my turret. And this scenario is what happens to almost everyone laning against Zed since the most, if not all champions have only one hard CC ability (not counting ults) to try to stop him before he burst you down, and most of the time the CC isn't long enough for him to die since he can blink back right after it. Leblanc has the same concept, where she can burst/poke you and blink back in a second at no cost. Leblanc W is a dash, a blink and a high damage spell. And she can use it twice with her ult and blink back twice. What risk is she tanking when she W on you expect that you may hit her with one spell if you are lucky? I feel like those 2 propositions could help balance those champions: Zed: Can't blink back with his ult. Make him chose if he wants to go in with his W or keep it to go out. His ult already brings him mobility in the form of a blink to his target over the huge burst damage it can bring. It shouldn't allow him to go back to safety considering he already has a blink in his kit. Leblanc: Give her a delay before she can W back, so that she has to be sure the wants to go on her enemy instead of just using her W without having to fear any retaliation.
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