Aatrox is a Juggernaut now, So then...

So then with {{champion:266}} rework confirmed and Riot has been steadily releasing more reworks so that our favorite champions are becoming more viable and have a higher skill floor and skill ceiling. Now however, I'm a bit worried about how Riot been reworking Top lane, the last Fighter to be reworked was {{champion:6}} and he's been turned into a Juggernaut. {{champion:266}} has also had a class change and is now a Juggernaut, not a Diver. I know having a direction is good and {{champion:266}} fantasy and thematic fit into being a Juggernaut, but those who mained {{champion:266}} and inevitable going to play his rework are going to have to play a Juggernaut, now granted he's more mobile than Juggernauts and a bit squishier due to him healing on ALL of his abilities not just one. But honestly is this how Top Lane is getting reworked? 1. {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:83}} including {{champion:266}} when his rework comes out. These are all the Juggernauts who are most commonly seen in the top lane. I'm a bit worried about this direction, the Top Lane Fighters who got reworked recently were {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} and now {{champion:266}} all became Juggernauts. Now Juggernauts are my favorite class in League of Legends I'm not complaining, but to turn a Diver into a Juggernaut doesn't settle well with me. I don't know if this is a trend going on or what, but it seems like whenever they rework a bruiser in the Top Lane they become a Juggernaut. This doesn't settle well with me cause I'm starting to think all Top Lane fighters are going to be rework to a Juggernaut. I can understand Yorick and Urgot as they had no direction, but Aatrox was a Diver. He was classified as a Diver! So why the sudden shift in playstyle? Should Aatrox remain a Diver or is a Juggernaut really the way to go? I'll like to see what you guys discuss, anyway have a good day!

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