Im sick of the remake system

Seriously tho , Can someone explain to me how tf does this thing work ? Im in a ranked game , we have an afk rakan , He has no items , didnt move an inch from his spawn location , he's clearly not here , Then 2 minutes later , we get " A summoner has disconneted" , Like dude , He's been disconnected from the start of the game , then of course , we're not allowed to remake and just deal with a 25 mins long 4v5 game . I do not understand whats the conditions for a remake to happen , I first thought it was : If a player has no items and didnt move at all since the game started , The team is allowed to remake , but then this shit happens , Does someone know how it works , It happened to me at least 3 times this week. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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