I feel like a majority of AP champions are completely dicked over. ( Im an adc main so not biased)

I hate fizz. I really do and i wish riot deleted him BUT i watched my 11-10 fizz empty a whole combo on a FULL armor rammas. Im talking straight full armor absolutely No MR rammas, Lose about 15-20% of his total health. Now im not saying rammas isnt a tank but when the dude has absolutely no MR ( he had 67? when i clicked on him ) take a whole fizz combo, somethings not right. I remember i played syndra one time and i was completely fed out my ass. I was like 6-0 great cs at about 20 minutes? Emptied a whole combo on a volibear who had cinderhulk + armor only. Dude was 0-4. Took like 25%-30% of his health Listen. I think Rylais is 100% bullshit. Too strong of an item. I think Zhonyas is too cost efficient. i Think abyssal scepter makes no fuckin sense. BUT HEAR ME OUT. I think some shit needs to be changed. Why do you say i ask? Because im a fuckin adc main. When the enemy rammas builds 500 armor despite us having a fed AP laners but is MORE tanky to the AP champs than the AD champs. It fuckin sucks you know? It really fuckin sucks that i cant build a maw of malmoritus because i need lifesteal to kill rammas. But rammas is still koing me from my own autos after i get bloodthirster Then i have to get lord dom to ACTUALLY do damage. Then i can THINK of getting a maw This thread isnt a ''rammas is op'' thread. Its a ''Why can champs build armor but be tanky to AP champs'' Thread... thanks for your time
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