just becuase you hate a champ...

doesn't mean you need to be completely mindless and ingore all the facts about them. i HATE{{champion:238}} he can do almost everything, he has free wave clear in complete safety, he can build full AD while forcing you to build defensively just to survive, he can teamfight, he can split push... i think he a VERY good example of what a toxic champ is... and that is my OPINION but guess what.. im NOT goign to disagree with you when you post FACTS. {{champion:238}} IS hard to play, he has a high skillcap. and I'm NOT goign to deny that i truly DO NOT know his weaknesses .. but that doesn't mean that he doesn't HAVE any.. just becuase I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. donest mean they dont exist. i am an positive ANY zed main can list me a BUNCH of things that counter zed. so when someone posts a something about a champ you hate. PLEASE take the time to consider what is an _opinion_ and what very well might be FACT that you just don't care to realize because you hate the champ
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