Why Kindred is good on paper but bad upon release

The champion has not even been released, however if it does come out, there will be major complications upon balancing. We could very well be witnessing the birth of another {{champion:5}} release. Lets first start off by taking credit where credit is do. The champions that Kindred is taking abilities to build (his/her/its) kit: Passive: advance version of {{champion:133}} with the bonus of vision regardless of in or out of bushes. Dance of Arrows (Q): {{champion:67}} like dash ability with a built in Hurricane effect which synergies well with (W). Wolf's Frenzy (W): **Passive **is basically Dead Mans Plate but heals so costs nothing to do. **Activate** Reduces Q CD and creates a companion which you cannot target, that hits you outside of minion aggro range. Mounting Dread (E): Range click ability which increases Attack Speed (AS) and deals % damage (looks to be on 3rd hit) so thank you {{champion:254}} Lamb's Respite: {{champion:23}} would be pissed to know that his ult is being used on anyone now. Oh and it heals you at the end, kind of a secondary effect so thank you...{{champion:245}} . So now that we know who these abilities work like, lets see why this is a huge mistake. By the look, Riot is trying to build a Range Jungler. I'm cool with that. Issue is there is no hard CC and the champion is more of a carry style so Kill Stealing (KS) will be required so they go out of control. How it will be played. Top lane Stupidly overpowered bully. {{champion:150}} will finally have a range person to fight off for taking the top spot of Top lane bully. What will this champion build? Unknown as of now. Based on the ratios and overall damage of the abilities, either a AS AP champion like {{champion:17}} usually builds. AS AD like a damn ADC. Bruiser/Tank which will build a frozen mallet as a core item because it would synergize well with the Q+W Combo, like wise a BotRK will be bought to help sustain. I would guess a Warmogs to tag along and some tanky items like Omen and BV along with Tenacity Boots to top the cake off. Will you hurt this person? Not really, they have range and a built in dash. So basically this person will be a lane bully that will then turn into a team bully. This champion basically says, no to assassins. Zed players will hate this person because now the ADC wont die upon lv 6 focus, just drop the ult and lol as they walk away with a good amount of life. However, this is all speculating too. Maybe this champion will be balanced, but from what the sneak peak informs us, I smell OP auto ban until nerfed to {{champion:39}} level in season 2.
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