Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.

Say: Let's nerf damage guys!! Everyone: Woo yeah let's nerf damage! Say: Let's nerf some problematic items like Ludens not consistently adding upfront burst to every mage or double mpen that's been broken for the longest time... Mage mains: Wtf? Can't nerf mages!! Mages are the "most fair" and "most balanced class" (not biased at all btw). Nerf lethality instead!! Say: nerf lethality Assassin players: Wtf... lethality is already bad, and assassins never see any pro play... Nerf mpen instead... they get it flat while ours has to scale... Say: Let's nerf conquerer or steraks so bruisers can't just build 3 damage + tank items and still be tanky and melt tanks and squishies alike - and instead actually have to itemize for tank busting/burst/tankiness. Bruiser mains: wtf - how will we survive in a "tank meta" then!!! bruisers always suck!! Hashinshin and his army will all lose their fucking minds. Say: How about we nerf support gold income so it isn't a carry role...? "Support" players (carry support players): wtf! then no one will want to [play the role if we can't 1-shot people at every stage of the game... Say: Nerf jungle so it isn't another carry role Junglers: Wtf! Even if we get our laners ahead they might still feed. WE can't solo-carry unless we are the same (if not higher) level with more gold in later stages of the game... Nerf X instead. You see how this goes? This is why we can't just nerf shit. Cause let's be honest the second Riot actually starts nerfing things (like they did with ADCs) their playerbase will lose their fucking minds.

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