Why is Silver Elo so Horrible

The players in silver elo refuse to learn they refuse to listen and over all do what is to be done. I cannot understand the concept of people spending 30-40 mins a day only to make themselves lose a game the concept of that blows my mind. Additionally they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. They argue type and complain 24/7. I’ve honestly spoken to some that took compliments as insults. Like oh my god you say to someone good play and they automatically assume that you are insulting them. I genuinely feel that because riots games system automatically drafts an account as silver it pulls in a lot of people that don’t know the game. So the ones who are coming up from bronze get mixed with these new comers and when they are genuinely trying to climb the weight of the the new people who cannot play and the troll weigh them down and that’s where the frustration and elo hell begins to develop. Lastly it blows my mind that people are high silver and do not know what a control ward is.. how to ward .. when to ward. When to push and when not to push.. how to dodge how to farm.. like wow Anyone who climb through this .. it’s not ok
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