I love URF. I mean, I *really* love URF. What I love about it is that I can pit my ridiculously overpowered and unbalanced champion/comp against my opponents'. I love ARAM. I *really* love ARAM. I love the chaos, I love the hilarious off-builds that are sometimes forced (i.e. adc Janna or Annie to avoid all AP comps), and the fact that (thanks to snowball) you always have a way to engage. Combining these two things sounded like a great idea - stop the overt abuse comps and spice it up a bit, right? We were hoping for peanut butter and jelly; we got peanut butter and tuna. That just didn't work. The problem is that there are some champ that are extremely versatile and powerful in URF (Sona, Vlad, Fizz, Eve, etc.), and some that don't benefit that much from URF (relative to the high pick champs) due to game mechanics. For example, Darius's q is a great ability, but even if it had literally 0 CD it would be very challenging to ever land it vs some champs in URF mode b/c of the time delay on the skill and the mobility. By adding the random aspect, my personal anecdotal experience was that rather than having interesting games to see who played the best, whose comp was most broken, etc., we had back to back blowouts in either direction which were incredibly frustrating when you were the one getting blown out and generally didn't lead to good games. My question is this - what was adding random trying to fix? Balance issues? It's URF. We know it's unbalanced - that's why we play it. Blowouts? It definitely hurt in that department. Look, URF is an unbalanced goofball mode just for fun. It was an amazing idea, and to be honest that's all I think we as players ever wanted it to be. Adding random to try and balance it just means that some teams get unbalanced champs and others don't, which actually unbalances it. Can we go back to normal please:)?

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