New Eve is pretty bad

She's fun, don't get me wrong. From a design stand point she certainly feels better than old Eve, but from a balance stand point she's worse in every way Her Charm: I love this ability, but it forces Eve to lock herself out of her kit in order to proc it for 2.5 seconds, that's pretty nuts. Also, if you don't charm the target, the ability just feels really lack luster. It feels great in the jungle because you let it proc and you get big damage from it, it feels nice. I like the design of the ability, but it needs work using it on champions (Also you can forget about ever letting it proc late game) Her E: *WHY DOES THIS THING HAVE MELEE RANGE??* the fact that Eve pulls herself to her target is completely moot because she has to be standing in her opponents face to use it in the first place. PLEASE give this ability more range, other than that, it feels okay. Her ult is honestly her best ability, I wouldn't change anything about it Hate Spike: I feel like it needs a lower CD and probably a damage buff, but mostly a lower CD Final thoughts: New Eve is a step in the right direction for sure, she feels like the sneaky assassin she was meant to be. The only issue is that she's melee with 0 mobility now. They want her to rely on her stealth to do things, but they nerfed her stealth pretty hard and didn't give her any compensation for it. She can't sit in fights anymore because her CD's aren't low enough to allow it (Once you blow your damage, that's it, you're just sitting there as a melee AP champion autoing slowly) And she's forced to build way more AP now so she's not allowed to get tanky like old Eve (And she's missing the engage ult she use to possess) Both her early AND late game are way worse than previous Eve.
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