Starting a game in my "earned" Silver III rank

Four gold borders and a plat I need someone to tell me which channel has all the people Riot allegedly listens to because they aren't listening to us, but this is absolute bullshit. Here's something that's going to blow your mind- if you're bronze II or silver III or gold IV or plat V last season, and you go 5/5 in your placements (that is, 50% winrate), YOU STAY WHERE YOU FUCKING ARE. BECAUSE YOU EARNED IT ONCE AND IT SUCKED THE FIRST TIME. Instead I get to have gold and plat allies and enemies in silver, which means victory is determined mostly by which team has the (or more) actual silver player(s) in it. Bullshit. Games exactly as difficult, except now I have to climb three more levels of obfuscation just to get back to where I was. RIOT. YOUR CUSTOMERS HATE THIS.
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