If Mordekaiser becomes Meta, Fiora will be absolutely borderline gutted.

155 MORDEKAISER ULT INTERACTIONS! (Yuumi, Ekko, Ziggs, Zed, Taliyah and more...)
You guys asked so much, here it is! Hope it was worth the pain! People who watch the entire video are the real heroes! ➤ Music by Zero-project (Visit http://www.zero-project.gr/ for more!) 1. Blue ft. Dia Yiannopoulou 2. Distorted reality 3. The dance of the shadows 4.
According to Vandiril's Video, Whoever is in Mordekaiser's ultimate won't get the heal from her AoE when she hits all 4 weakspots, herself included. This means Fiora literally loses one of the 3 things that make her a good duelist because fuck you. And while I personally hate fiora and she can rot in a Noxian prison for all I care, this is borderline unfair even for my level of bias against her. Making her Ult heal downright useless anywhere outside of a late into the game teamfight. You could have made Mordekaiser R unparriable instead of this.

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