Honestly can just get a completely fresh/new client at this point?

####Title Fix: Honestly can we just get a completely fresh/new client at this point? * One that doesn't use your entire RAM? * One that doesn't lag for no reasons even if you have a decent PC RIG? * One that has an option to disable certain animations and features to make it run even more smoothly? * Or you know, one that actually functions properly? The amount of bugs/issues/lag that the current Client has is unbelievable. And there are even more issues outside Client. So it would be nice to just get a completely revamped Client that has better UX (User Experience) because the UX in it's current form is literally a joke in comparison to a lot of game launchers out there. If they could resolve the Client Issues then they could move on to resolve the In-Game issues (like the recent Mouse related issues, alt tabbing out of game, massive fps drops, really high ping and so on...). Instead of making League from ground up in a mobile platform they should of done it to PC first since that is their main Platform where most players play the game.
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