Thanks for the Jayce nerf Riot

As a long time Jayce one trick, putting in over 10,000 games on the champion within the past 3 seasons alone, I have now broken my habit. The only reason I was still playing League was because I was addicted to Jayce, and only Jayce. Now with these nerfs, Jayce cant even acceleration shock blast a 100% health enemy caster minion if hes behind, not lying. My shock blasts are completely useless in team fights now, thus Jayce is all around useless. Nice job giving Jayce that Azir treatment Riot. Champion now has a 46% overall wr in Korea diamond+. Along with that, my addiction for playing him has ended as well, and now im working full time at my job and doing my workouts once again. Thanks for ending my addiction Riot, I owe you one.
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