The Aatrox VGU has left an Aatrox shaped hole in my Aatrox shaped heart.

Even after a year has passed, it's still really hard for me to accept that my second favorite champion in the game has been reworked into a bizarre fusion of Darius and Riven. With the revive gone now, it really feels like nothing remains of the old Aatrox, other than the fact that the new one is still a Darkin. I think I really understand how the people in love with the old Sion felt now, and it's hard to get over it. It's especially disappointing, since I had originally been really looking forward to the Aatrox rework, since their adjustments to him prior were really promising in my eyes, and the amazing job that had been done on Warwick kept my hopes up. The real salt in the wound is seeing Pantheon's rework. It's just so faithful to the original Pantheon that it fills me with jealousy, and gives me dreams of what could have been. I understand that with Aatrox's old kit, it was hard to have him be good without being overpowered, but sometimes things don't have to be amazing or great. Sometimes you just have to let things be below average. Aatrox was very simple, but something doesn't need to be complex to be fun, and Aatrox's revive and healing allowed him to do some dumb shit no other champion could do, it really hurts not being able to do that stuff anymore. There's not really any real point to my incoherent rambling here, other than venting my frustration about how the old Aatrox is gone and is unlikely to come back. If anyone's reading this, thanks for doing so, even though it probably wasn't a very enjoyable or insightful read.
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