Unpopular Opinion: Chinese companies are killing "western" games

Asian culture: * Higher stress culture (highest suicide rates in the world) * 16-20 hours of school a day every day * Maybe 1-2 hours a day of free time * Gaming bars where you pay to rent per hour Western Culture: * More overall casual culture * work/school 8-12 hours a day * Play daily/semi daily at home for fun for a couple hours (at no cost) * Binge play for hours on weekend --------- Game originally developed by small inde company rito from California Tencent (chinese investment company) buys 90+% of share in small inde rito around season 5 (previously 30-40%) Game starts being catered towards Asian culture Westerners get upsetti spaghetti over changes and that they make no sense (such as blue essence/xp changes that cater to 1-2 games a day and hurt people who binge play) Riot will never go back to their Western Culture style of development. Asia buys literally all the inde companies that show any promise, and then cater to their culture to a point where all westerners stop playing. Best example being that the Chinese literally killed H1Z1, which IMO was the best Battle Royale in existence. I mean, if you think about it, Rito was CALIFORNIA based. California is the most western part of the western world. By that, I mean that they are the social progressives of the world. Politically agreeing or not, social progressivists have the highest ethics on the spectrum. Power to the people. "Free" incentives with no expectation of return, which led people to want to pay money, simply because they get so much free stuff and wanted to show how much they appreciated them; similar to a symbiotic relationship. Never giving a vague excuse why they can't do something. Transparency. Now getting a free recolor skin for liking them on Facebook is giving away "too much free stuff". PS. Nothing is free. When ANYBODY gives you something for "free", there is a cost. Whether it be an expectation of a returned investment, or for an immediate monetary amount. If you can convince people to stay for the free things, they are more likely to spend more money. It's not free. It's an investment, so stop saying they give "free" stuff because they are oh so kind and generous. "Free" stuff is no longer considered free with their new business ethics. Wanted to give some insight to the bureaucratical stances of Riot and why they've done seemingly irrational changes. Everybody seems willing to give up their pride and work for money.
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