Opinion of Fiora's New Ult from an Assassin Lover

Let's do a comparison of the old and new Fiora ults: **Old Fiora Ult/New Fiora Ult** Guaranteed damage (multiple targets) /Conditional Damage (single target) Untargetability / Increased movement speed (plus passive) Totally new ability / Enhanced passive with conditional area heal I am all for getting rid of Fiora's untargetability. However, that does not warrant Riot to give her a completely new ultimate that does not harken back to the original in the slightest. A heal does not in any shape or form compare to Blade Waltz in terms of visual appeal and fun factor. Speaking of the new ult, putting a big ring around your target when you ult is too much of a giveaway. Fiora already has added predictability due to the nature of her passive. Now, not only does the enemy have a vital point they know to protect, but with the ult, they know who you are targeting. Instinctively, the enemy will prevent you from fully utilizing your ult through disengage, bursting you down in teamfight, becoming untargetable, etc. And while Fiora's burst can be devastating on a single target, thus giving everyone crazy amounts of healing, this gameplay style is not what Fiora is to me. Was Fiora a bruiser before? No. Was she a utility champ? No. Was the focus for her to do high damage? Yes. I'm pretty sure I speak for a good number of people when I say that I enjoyed playing Fiora as an assassin. Beat the opponent to the punch in damage and unleash your full combo. If you fall behind, look for a pick somewhere. Why would you not cater to that in this rework? Make her combo harder to pull off, put us in charge of her blinks while removing the untargetability, something, but do not make her into something that she was not. This is the first time I've been this discontent with Riot since I began playing almost a year and a half ago. I'm glad they are looking to buff her and things of the sort, but for me personally, it is a lost cause without changing this new ult. Also, the in-game model and splash art rub me the wrong way. I appreciate that you are always trying to make the game better Riot, and many times you succeed. But this time, I felt you dropped the ball in a department that I am passionate about (assassins), so I had to express my opinion.

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