The way the ranked system works is just not fair for solo q

I recently came back to lol after like a year gone. I have decided this time around to put serious effort into improving and making better decisions. And I am playing much better. But climbing has so far been a monumental struggle, and I can safely say its because of my teammates. You either need great luck, or very good skill, to climb out of bronze. The shit I see people doing just astounds me from a perspective of doing my best to avoid those mistakes. People actively look for teamfights in bronze. If there is an enemy close by, all in, all the time. Regardless of the circumstances, or if there is even a benefit to that fight. People will chase a mobile enemy deep into enemy territory , and I mean deep, just to get jumped by the enemy team. No one will ward if they push, much less ever. No one seems to realize objectives are important things. I am no pro on builds, but I know better then some of the crazy shot I see people building. Look, I know I have room to improve still, and still make mistakes. But I am trying very hard, and avoiding as much of the dumb tendencies as I can. But it doesn't matter when I have teammates who ARENT trying to better their game. I try to help my team A lot, I ping everything often, I verbally try to give advice. And I am seriously trying not to be toxic. When I first logged back on after a year gone I had a 25 game chat ban waiting for me. I was previously very toxic. I am ultra competetive. But I've avoided being h That guy. But just giving advice now earns me nasty comments. I try to mute, stay cool, and report, but only once was notified a report did anything, out of many flagrantly toxic players. I just don't know what to do and it is very frustrating. My personal improvement seems useless unless I improve so much that I should skip a rank. That level of grind feels absurd and you don't feel the satisfaction or just reward from slowly improving your skill. This is just a rant, but I had to blow off steam. Like I said I am trying to avoid toxicity, but the system seems so stacked against me and incredibly frustrating.

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