I think there's a champion that needs similar buff to the Vayne's one even more than she does

We're in a tank meta without a doubt and no matter what you think of it, we have to accept it and play either tanks or champions that fares pretty well against them. Vayne is supposed to be one who melts them thanks to her % true damage on W. But for quite some time we had another champion with tank shredding autos... **Kindred!** Before their rework of course. Now since they've lost all their % current hp damage on every auto, they struggle a bit vs those, they were supposed to be good against. Of course, they still have % current health magic damage on their W which can take away a big chunk of hp from a careless tank who walked into the zone, but it needs more time than autos since it's reduced scaling with AS. Unfortunately, Kindred can't have Wolf's attack speed increased as it would just feel unfair to be bitten at ridiculous speed by an untargetable particle when Lamb is just standing still at a safe distance. Instead, it should be fine for Lamb to stay a bit longer in such a combat to proc successful execute from E or survive long enough for others to help her. There's something nice Kindred could use at every stage of the game, favor them more in extended fights with tanks (especially with them) and in early duels. It'd also feel like a nice thematic touch to their kit. But let's get to this: I'm talking about a new effect to their **E - Mounting Dread:** * If Lamb applies E debuff on a champion below 50% health, her next AA will heal her for a percentage of target's **missing health** (up to a cap that increases with level ???). Playtesters agree that Kindred need some more love. Maybe my suggestion is the right thing to do? Maybe that's the only thing Kindred need to finally be decent in non OTP's hands and considered a troll pick no more (yes, I've encountered people flaming me for just picking them)? Regarding that thematic feel this change could add: _Those who dread us, grant us the most power._ And who dreads death more than someone who is halfway dead? Kindred should gain some strength from those who are about to be taken by them, aren't they? What do you think guys?
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