Try this new Teemo Second passive on Pbe riot

A suggestion for teemo that i would like riot to test on the beta server is giving him a second passive just to see how it goes. **New Passive : Poison Maker** Teemo can forage around the map collecting mushroom to make different poison for his dart. The effect of these poison collected only last for 1/2/3min. Each poison will apply a different effect after landing 6 attack on a target. **Type of Poison** 1. Red Mushroom: Increase your damage on that target by 5%/10%/15% for 5sec 2. Blue Mushroom: Slow your target by 40%/50%/60% for 3 sec 3. Yellow Mushroom: Apply Near sight for 1/1.5/2sec **Stacking** * Auto attack= 1 * Q=2 * Ultimate=3
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