removing Titanic hydra from the game and nerfing other health + AD items

one of the many problems in the meta right now is the damage tanks are able to put out. the idea should be, if youre going to build damage, youre gonna have low defenses and vice versa, but the health many AD items provide make up for that, paired with a couple of defensive items, makes it unbalanced and sometimes unfair, since some champions benefit from this alot more than others. and titanic hydra, an item that gives damage based on how much health you have is the embodiment of the toxic ideology of "deal damage, take none" that is currently overtaking the meta and removing such item from the game would give tanks less damage options. tanks are supposed to be meat shield not meat swords. reducing the ad and/ or health from items that posses both stats would make tanks and fighters consider wether they want to do damage but be more vulnerable to damage and contrariwise. such a change would give tanks a weakness that is needed for the balance of the game. this is just something ive been thinking of and i could be wrong but give the idea a chance
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