Would you prefer new maps over new champions?

We have had the same few maps for years now. We have so many beautiful realms in Runeterra we are learning about from the lore updates but only 2 primary gamestyle maps and then some side game type maps. It would be amazing to have a vast, epic Shurima map that supports a totally different layout and larger overall map (Maybe more than 10 players). Perhaps a map in Ionia with more team based objectives and less power to individual players. Maybe a real brawling map in Piltover/Zaun with two levels where early game fighters excel. Maybe a map where ~~a Noxian and Demacian~~ a fortress is on either side with some cool siege mechanic. Oh oh! a map on moving boats/airships for Piltover/Bilgewater! (My god the coding ._.) This variety would really stir things up for a change. And some champions who aren't viable on summoner's rift might see play on them while some who are OP on summoner's rift might not see play. We need something refreshing and new in League, and no, not another busted item or another champion release with 6 passives, 7 actives and a transformation. {{champion:102}} League is getting a bit stale, even if matches weren't 10 minutes in when decided. I would love to see more of Runeterra and experience my favorite champions in new places, as well as many of the beasts, monsters and glorious things from the lore. EDIT: Some counterarguments **"Queue health"** If maps were similarly designed to summoner's rift but with a different layout/visuals and slightly altered objectives. Then they could be on the same queue. If maps were drastically different. Remove flex and blind pick, give EUNE, OCE, etc draft pick back. And then add 1-3 new maps. That is more interesting than 2 pointlessly additional versions of SR play. **"It couldn't be balanced"** Summoner's rift isn't balanced. At any point there are about 20-30 viable champions. And this is the permanent state of the game unless Riot picks one absolute tier to balance around. At least if say Riven is OP on summoner's rift due to x wall hops and y objectives. Instead Garen might be better on a different map due to layout and objectives. Also some map specific balancing can happen. **"3v3s didn't work. Neither did Dominion!"** But ARAM did. The problem with 3v3s is that it is 3v3. League is balanced around 5v5(or potentially more) interactions. Just like nobody in WoW considers 2v2 Arenas balanced because of game balance. Dominion "didn't work" because every map needs to be about laning and blowing up a nexus. This is a Moba, king of the hill may be a fun Rotating Game Mode but not a primary playstyle. New maps should play like SR but with new layouts, visuals and objectives.
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